Payment Plan

The amounts listed below are estimates. The actual amount of payments may be different based on if you made any tuition payments prior to class begin date and the class schedule changes.

CNA Day Class

Class Week 1 – 4 – $220 – $230 

CNA Evening and Saturday Class

Class Week 1 – 6 – $145 – 155 

Terms of Payment Plan Agreement:

  • There is a one-time service charge of $20 for payment plan, which is included in the amounts listed above.
  • Payments are due on the first classroom day of the week
  • Students are responsible for making payments on time and will not receive a notice or reminder.
  • Late payments will incur a $5 daily late fee. Failure to make payments per signed payment plan agreement and/or other financial obligation after more than 5 business days will result in expulsion from class.
  • Students who are expelled for non-payment will only be allowed to register for a future class if they pay their remaining balance, including any late fees, in full, plus a $50 fee.
  • Student who do not complete payments as outlined above will not be issued class Certificate of Completion, American Heart Association training certificates, grade reports, transcripts or any other student records and will not have enrollment/status information released to any third-party until financial obligation is met. Class Certificate of Completion is required to be eligible to take the CNA State Certification Exams.  Failure to satisfy financial obligations and receive Certificate of Completion within one year will result in loss of certification exam eligibility.