Information and Requirements

Below is a summary of our policies.  See our  CATALOG_and_POLICIES_MANUAL

Application Deadline

Applications are accepted up to the business day prior to beginning of class or until class is filled.  Class size is limited to 14 students and class space is filled on a first come, first served basis.  The Training Center of NW Georgia, Inc. will not “hold” a class space for a student.  After a class is full, subsequent applicants may choose to be placed on a waiting list, or to select a different class date.  Register early to assure your placement in the class of your choice.

Credentials Earned and Certification

Upon successful completion of the CNA training program and full payment of all class fees, you will receive a CNA Class Completion Certificate issued by The Training Center of NW Georgia, Inc. which is required to register for the Georgia Health Partnership/Georgia Medical Care Foundation State Certification exam.

  • Your certification exam, including written and skills portion, will be administered by Credentia, who is the approved testing company for Georgia. Certification exams are offered at by The Training Center of NW Georgia, Inc. training sites or you may choose another location.
  • The Training Center of NW Georgia, Inc. will submit your testing Application and testing fee (included in tuition) to Credentia. Your certification exam will be scheduled approximately 3 -4 weeks after completion of class.  You will be informed of your testing date during the first week of class.
  • You will receive a Georgia Nurse Aide Candidate Handbook. This handbook contains all the rules and regulation relating to certification testing.   It is your responsibility to read this booklet and be familiar with the testing regulations.
  • The CNA class includes test preparation activities; however your success in passing your certification exam is your responsibility.
  • If you do not pass either the written or skill portion of your certification exams, you may apply to test again. You will be responsible for the testing fee of $27 for written exam and/or $85 for skills exam.

Employment Opportunities

Successful completion of training program along with obtaining State certification, prepares students for employment in a variety of medical facilities, including: Nursing homes, Personal care homes, Assisted Living homes, Home health care companies, Hospice care companies, Private home care, and some Hospitals.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission:

  • Covid vaccine is NO LONGER REQUIRED.   However, if you are not vaccinated, you may be required to wear mask during clinicals.
  • You must be age 17 or older by the first day of training, unless exception is granted by Director.
  • You must be able to read and speak English.  Spanish text book and work book are available (must be requested at time of Application) and certification exam is available in Spanish, however, due to Georgia Health Partnership regulations, the class must be taught in English.
  • You must be physically able to perform the duties of a CNA, including walking, standing, bending, and lifting.

Criminal Record Report Consent

  • If you have had a felony conviction within the last 10 years, or a current felony charge (including under the first offenders program), YOU WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR CLASS
  • If you have felony convictions that are more than 10 year old you will have to be approved by the Clinical Site prior to registration. Call Haley Key at 770-606-9697
  • Misdemeanor convictions are acceptable and will not make you ineligible to register for CNA training; however, you should be aware that different employers have varying policies regarding criminal records. Any criminal record may limit your job opportunities.
  • The Training Center will obtain your criminal record report during the first week of class and if you fail to disclose your criminal record on the application and your report lists any charges that make you ineligible for admission, you will be withdrawn from class and regular refund policy will apply.
  • Criminal charges that have been dismissed may be eligible for expungement. Contact the office for more information on expungement process and forms.

You must provide the following documents.

Required Documents

  • Driver’s License, State issued ID, PassPort or Military ID AND Social Security Card.

You may either scan and email the document(s) to or deliver to office.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Driver’s License MUST be current (not expired) by the date of the State Certification exam (approximately 3-5 weeks after end of class date).  And the first and last name on the social security card MUST match exactly the name listed on the Driver’s License/ID.

  • TB Test Results Document.

You may either scan and email the document to or deliver to office.

You must provide documentation that you do not have TB. Results report must be dated within 12 months of the last day of your class. Please note that you must have test administered (a small injection on your arm) and then return 2 days after the administration of the test to receive your results. IMPORTANT NOTE: Failure to provide test results by first week of class may result in delay of completion of class.

If you have, or had in the past, a positive TB skin test then you must provide a chest x-ray results statement from a doctor.

You may get a TB Skin test at a variety of facilities, including your personal care physician. Please note the cost may vary and that that some facilities charge for the administration of the test and then again for the “reading” of the test.

The following is information is presented for your convenience only. These are two of the lower cost providers of TB testing in the area. Information is subject to change. Call to confirm.

Bartow County Health Department,   770- 382-1920, Cost: $20

        Floyd Urgent Care, Cartersville Location, 770-382-0029, Cost $17

Requirements for successful completion

    • Students are issued grades on chapter quizzes (10) and on Vocabulary quiz.   These are averaged for final quiz score. (If a student has a quiz score that is 74% or less, the student is allowed to take a second version of the test (Quiz B).  Student may retake a quiz only two times per class.  The first and second quiz grades are averaged for the final grade for that quiz.)
    • The final quiz score and scores for body system project, participation, and final written exam are averaged for the final class grade.  Final grade must be 75 or higher to pass training program.  IN ADDITION, students must pass the Skills Final exam with a score of 85% or higher to pass training program.
  • Student must successful complete clinical hours. Students who do not successfully demonstration ALL skills in classroom setting as determined by instructor prior to clinical session will not be allowed to attend. Student who fail to successful demonstrate clinical skills in clinical setting as determined by instructor will not be allowed to continue clinical sessions.
  • Student must complete all homework and project assignments

Note:   Instructor will provide current grades/GPA to student upon request.   If GPA falls below 75 or student is in danger of not successfully completing the program for any reason, the student will be issued a Warning form.

Participation grade will be issued in consideration of the following:

    • Attendance
    • School and facility policies are followed
    • All safety procedures are followed
    • Instructor, fellow students, and staff are treated with dignity and respect
    • Compliance with dress code
    • Demonstrate professional behavior
  • Maintain positive attitude and cooperation

Dress Code:

Class Room Sessions

Casual clothes are acceptable for the classroom, but the following are not acceptable:

Short shorts, Tight clothing, Shirts short enough for abdominal skin to show, Low cut and/or shirts that gape at the neckline when the student bends over, Pants, shorts, or skirts that allow underwear or the surrounding area to show, Oversized pants or shorts that sag below the natural waist or pajama style pants, Gang attire, Pants or tops that are designed as sleepwear or other inappropriate or offensive attire at the discretion of The Training Center of NW Georgia, Inc.

If a student arrives to class in clothing that is not acceptable they will be required to leave class and return when properly dressed.  Any missed time will be documented on attendance record.  CNA students may wear scrubs to class if you wish, but it is NOT required.

The Training Center of NW Georgia, Inc. issued name badge must be worn at all times.
Clinical Sessions

The following are required for a professional appearance, as well as patient safety and infection control:

  • The Training Center of NW Georgia, Inc. issued name badge. Patients have a right to know who is caring for them and their qualifications.
  • Clean, wrinkle free scrub set.
  • Tennis or nursing shoes – any style or color, but must be clean
  • Hair – Must be pulled back and neatly kept
  • Jewelry - Limited to one pair of post earrings, a wedding ring and a watch with second hand
  • Nails– No longer than ¼” beyond fingertips. No artificial nails. Polish must be a natural/neutral color.
  • No body spray, perfume, or cologne. These can aggravate patient allergies and asthma.
  • No visible piercings

If a student arrives for clinicals/lab and is in violation of above rules they will be required conform to rules, including leaving and return when in compliance. Any missed time will be documented on attendance record.

NOTE: Students are not allowed to smoke on clinical days, including before and during clinical sessions.

Program Credits

The Training Center of NW Georgia, Inc. training program credits are NOT transferable to other institutions.