Certified Nurse Aide

Course Objective

The objective of this training program is to provide student with knowledge and skill training necessary to complete requirements for certification as a Certified Nurse Aide and be qualified to seek employment as a Certified Nurse Aide.

Course Description

This training program complies with the guidelines of the Georgia Health Partnership/Georgia Medical Care Foundation.   Program includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Recognize the importance of the nurse assistant’s role in improving the quality of life for people in need of care
  • Provide quality basic care for residents/patients
  • Support and maintain the rights of residents, clients and patients
  • Importance of legal aspects and confidentiality
  • Communicate and work effectively with the staff, residents/patients and their families
  • Be sensitive to the physical and physiological needs of residents/patients
  • Safety and emergency preparedness
  • Infection control guidelines and prevention
  • Independence, cultural, and activity needs of residents/patients
  • Care for residents/patients with developmental disabilities, dementia and Alzheimer’s
  • Death and dying care
  • Body systems and related conditions
  • Personal care skills, including grooming, bathing, and toileting
  • Proper positioning and moving residents/patients and assisting with ambulation
  • Vital signs, including blood pressure, weight, height, respiration, pulse
  • Nutrition, including diet, fluids, assisting residents/patients with eating
  • Rehabilitation and restorative care
  • Certification test preparation
  • Employment search strategies, resources, resume writing and general information

Instruction is presented as a combination of lecture, video and power point presentations, and a strong emphasis on hands on training. Students will play the role of patient for other students to practice skills.